Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 6

Sick… going on 11 days of being sick.  I’m pretty sure that I got the flu from chiropractor’s office that Sir T and I visited.  It has dug in deep in my lungs and isn’t letting go.  I didn’t do much this week.  I am happy that the house isn’t a complete disaster, and I occasionally made food for us.  However, I was not in the least bit creative, too busy holding my middle together as I tried to rid myself of my lungs.

So… all the complaining and nasty descriptions aside what do you do when you are miserable? Well, when you have a voice like I do at the moment, apparently you gotta make movies.  At least that was Sir T’s  idea.  After I had given him my sickness he came up with the following scenario and we created a script.  An afternoon of filming and editing, there is now the masterpiece The Virus.


Next week I hope to have my jewelry mending done.  I also hope to have my health on the mend as well.