Saturday, September 8, 2012


Despite the trials and difficulties with the gardening, the harvest from 9-2-2012 was very encouraging. Shannon has done more canning this year than ever before which has also been encouraging.
Freshly Canned Salsa  (Hot Water Bath)

The harvest from earlier this week was 2 lb-14 oz of beans, 6 oz of peppers, 3 lb-12 oz of summer squash, and 21 lb-6 oz of tomatoes!  At the community garden where we volunteer, we weigh everything and record it.  Maybe it is worth doing in our garden for a year to year comparison?
Bounty of Encouragement!

On another note, we got a load of horse manure to add to our beds for next year.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the use of your truck and trailer!
Horsey Droppings.

Here is a unique Green and orange pepper, looks kinda cool. :)
Cool Pepper