Thursday, July 24, 2014

Seasonal Growth

I am amazed at the amount of growth the garden plants can do in a season.  I took some pictures over time this year of our new bed (#11) from the vantage point of our deck to help you see the growth from new soil to lush overgrowth!  These new beds are becoming our favorites as they are taller so not so much bending over and no fences to take down and put back up.  Enjoy the pictures...

Soil First

From left to right:
Variegated Nasturtiums, Parsley, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Alyssum along the far side.
The right side mirrors the left.

Cilantro and 5 varieties of Basil were added, Borage (Center near side) and Marigolds.
Lettuce is starting to fill in on far right.

Fennel added right of Borage. On far right, Shannon let 2 unidentified "weeds" grow
which turned out to be a Datura with purple trumpet flowers.

Purple Hyacinth Bean growing nicely and the flowers are filling in on the far side.

Packed and ready for harvesting again.