Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's a jungle out there!


We wanted to share a few pics from our recent harvests as well as some of the critters in our "jungle".  I say jungle cause many of our plants are reaching their zenith now as summer is winding down.  I found 3 tree frogs in among the raspberry plants as well as in the purple pole beans.  The tree frogs remind me of the little frogs found in the rain forests.

There was also lots of activity from a couple of humming birds so I got out the zoom lens and took several pics from the deck.   Enjoy the pics!

Hardneck Garlic harvest.  Bulbs planted last fall.

Volunteer lettuce from last year now bolted into lettuce towers.

Harvest Bounty

2 new items this year in the mix... Dragon beans and okra.

Tomatoes, big and small and multi colored.

Carrots grown in the tall raised beds, one of our best carrot crops yet.

Not just tomatoes here....

Jungle shot from the deck

Towering sunflowers 12' tall!

Morning glory using the sunflowers for a trellis, worked great!

Moon Flower fresh with dew,

Monarch on Autumn Sunflower

Curious hummer wondering what I am doing with the camera.

Amazing Humming Bird

Tree frog in raspberry bushes... silly frog.

Frogger and the beanstalk?

Busy Bumblebee

Cleome or fireworks flower.

Line of flowers.


Mammoth Sunflower and native bees

Self watering planter

Taste of the Dessert (Gift from a friend)