Sunday, February 3, 2013

Green and White

No I do not mean State colors, even though I do live in Michigan.  This is how I amuse myself during the long, now white days of winter.  Our winter snowstorm has dropped over a foot of snow as seen on my birdbath.

Snow Cake

This past fall, I took rosemary cuttings from my plant outside and started them inside in some compost. In that compost was a sunflower seed which sprouted and much to my surprise, bloomed!  The plant is about 3 feet tall, and I believe is a Lemon Queen. So I have one of my beloved sunflowers in the middle of winter.

Sun Flower Surprise

Another happy ending is my phalaenopsis orchid, which I clumsily broke the fragile flower stalk off of earlier this fall while cleaning.  I was very upset but had a small hope of it regrowing another stalk.  I had read that this was possible, but had never experienced it before.  Usually I have three to five beautiful white 4 inch blooms on my orchid by now.

New growth on old orchid stalk

I might still have some flowers yet this spring on the new shoot.  Note to self: Be very, very careful next year!

A few of my other plants that make me smile are my burro's tail, my mini succulent garden, and my African violet which blooms all winter.

Burro's Tail
Succulent Garden Closeup
African Violet
When it is cold and white outside, I am warm and green inside. Now I just have to figure out how to get more plants inside... Shhhhh.... don't tell Timothy.