Monday, January 27, 2014

Suds 'N Snow

This month has been extremely wintery!  To quote Timothy, "Snow Sucks!".  Because Shannon hasn't done much shoveling, she is grateful for the multiple feet of snow covering the ground and plants.  The consistently low temperature combined with negative 20 wind chills on average, is detrimental to the marginally hardy zone 6 and 7 plants in my technically 5b to 6a zone.  We have gotten away with it so far because of the past mild winters.  This spring will show who's tough and who is dead.

While Shannon is safely hiding inside, away from the outside that looks like this...

Piles of Snow.  View from the basement slider.

She is preparing the supplies for seed starting.  We frugally save the plastic trays and inserts year to year.  So cleaning is on, and by doing a couple a day it breaks down a huge chore.

Scrubbing the dirt off.

Clean trays ready for March.

This small daily chore makes me think of spring and WARM WEATHER.

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