Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Season Begins

Well snow is still on the ground but we are starting the planning stages for the new year.  The first thing to do is go through our abundance of seeds and pick out what we want to grow.  We have lots of seeds to choose from and not enough space for it all. It is a blessing to have seeds that one day may be far more valuable then money which you can't eat. Well I suppose you could, but you wouldn't want to!

Our tubs of seed packets, currently stored in the cooler basement.

Next Shannon did her charting and planning.  She reviewed last year's garden bed maps and what was planted in each beds so we can determine this year's crop rotation.  Figuring out what goes in each bed and trying to space things appropriately takes some thought.  Here are some pics of her paper lists, charts and garden bed maps with color coding too!

Lists of plants and where they are to go

Color coded garden bed maps

Color code Keys and maps of the tall beds

Finally Shannon entered and updated all the info in the garden program Timothy made called "Garden Time". We have written about this program in past posts. If you have an Android device you can get it from Google Play. There is a free 30 day trial version.

Once everything is entered, GT gives us a nice schedule in our To Do List complete with dates so we know when to start our seeds, many of which we will be starting soon.  Since we have several feet of snow outdoors, these seeds will be started indoors and put under our light rack as usual.

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