Sunday, January 3, 2016

To go from here to better

I know that I have not been intentional with the blog this past year.  Glancing at the number of posts for 2015 shows a very small number.  I know that this blog provides such an opportunity for me to share knowledge, joy and encouragement to others that I have decided to make a change and organize a more structured format.

T has started a new blog recording his and other’s thoughts as they journey through the scriptures in this next year, so this blog remains mostly in my hands to create posts for.  So during the month of December, I sat down and thought of all the themes that I generally cover in the realm of my life and gardening and organized them into the following schedule.

Week 1:  Lessons from the garden

This is where I express thoughts and ideas that apply to life in general, which were learned and observed in the garden setting.  They will often be spiritual in content as I firmly believe that as a follower of the Messiah, He is the most important thing in my life and accordingly everything revolves around my Heavenly Father.  He is the center of my life and is my life.  Of course there will still be pretty pictures of plants included with the story.

Week 2:  Picture a day / what is blooming this month or week / collection of photos on a particular topic

This idea was inspired by other people’s blogs on various topics.  One person sewed a new garment every day for a year; others created something new every week or month, another took a picture every day from the same spot.  The idea was to intentionally do something each day that was creative.  My goal is to follow that inspiration and to bring back having fun taking photos again.

Redbud tree in bloom this past spring.  I received this from the Holland Garden Club as a foot long stick on an Arbor Day years ago at the local library.

Week 3:  How to  OR   Why blog

This is where I explain how or why we do particular things.  Here is where I would answer questions given to me via the blog, related to the season or things I am interested in and have researched recently.  I would explain how we did a particular project from start to finish with pictures and descriptions.  The why questions would be explored and hopefully answered via a variety of sources and experiences as to why we do what we do or why something happens.  This search for truth could very well instigate change in our practices and thus is a good place to intentionally visit.

Week 4:  Goals

Without a clear detailed plan, most endeavors never go anywhere.  This is painfully obvious in last year’s blog history.  How many blog posts can you do of another pretty flower that everyone saw last year?  I would be bored making the blog post so I am sure you would be bored reading it.  In this blog I would describe the goals that we have for the following month, which could include garden chores, projects and plant growth as well as give updates on how the past month’s goals were or were not met.  A little accountability and transparency is good motivation for me and hopefully some neat project completions that we have planned to do in 2016 can be shown off a bit.

This is a great goal…  in the midst of worn out tulips, grass that needs cutting and too much to do…  just keep calm and garden on.

I hope to post a new blog every weekend.  Since January has five weekends in it, I decided that I would take this first week to introduce you to my new plan and goals.  The following four weeks will follow the general schedule.  Of course, if something awesome or amazing happens, that week’s plan may be replaced with the appropriate blog.  My idea is to have something of value every week for you, my dear reader that will instruct, encourage, delight or amuse you in a positive way.  I do not want to be an ugly thing in your weekly encounter, but instead to bring light and joy to your path.

A piece of artwork I sent in card form to a friend.  It is a promise that comforts me.

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