Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wandering through the start of winter

While winter doesn’t officially start until the 21st of December, for me the beginning of December is the start of winter.  Thanksgiving is done, all the fall decorations are packed up and put away and now it is winter, even if there isn’t snow yet in some years.  This year snow came early in November despite the fact we had a very mild fall.  This week we have had lots of talk about a winter storm we were going to get so I took a couple of pictures on Thursday morning.  The warning said 8” to 12” of snow for our area.  While some areas were indeed covered with snow (17” in the East), we were not.

The backyard with a dusting from earlier in the week.  12/8/16

The front yard waiting for its white blanket.   12/8/16

Snow came but it was not the lake effect “big” snow, just pellets.

We got a bit of snow but the best part was when the sun came out.  Our winters tend to be grey affairs with the difference between day and night just being a change in gloom.  However when the sun does come out and we have snow, it is glorious.

Beautiful!  I love all the shadows on the snow.
The sun was out for about 20 minutes, just enough to make me smile and take pictures of course.

Saturday morning  12/10/16   Ah, yes back to our grey gloom.

Not too shabby, a couple of inches.   12/10/16

Now there is another storm of the name Cary heading our way with warnings and advisories of large amounts of snow starting this evening through Monday morning.  We’ll see if we get some more snow this time.  I actually appreciate the snow as it protects the plants from the cold air.  The forecasts say that with the exception of for a couple of hours on one day where we will make it to the high temp of 33 degrees, the temperature will not be above 30 degrees all next week.  This will definitely get the ground heading toward frozen.  I am glad that I have all my chores done outside.  It is time to be INSIDE now.

Inside I have flowers!  Cactus plant (Schlumbergera)

I love the colors and shape.  Such an interesting flower.

Orchid flowers ahead!  This one will have smaller purple flowers.
This is from my dear sister-in-law in memory of my dogs.

This orchid will have large purple and white flowers.
This one came from a friend of mine who lives in Alaska as a Sukkot feast gift.

German ivy cuttings.  This plant was also given to me.

I have a problem inside my house.  I do not have enough windows.  Thus I composted many plants that I would normally bring in or older house plants that were duplicates to make room for all that I really wanted to keep.  These German ivy cuttings came from a 10” pot with 2’ trailing stems that I just had no space for.  Since this was a gift from a friend from Iowa, I took cuttings.  It is a very easy plant to grow from cuttings so I was not worried about tossing the original.  I normally choose tips that do not have flower buds or pinch them out but I missed these ones.  How cute!  This is a 4” pot so the flowers are tiny.

Birds, butterflies and watering cans are my garden trinkets, besides pots of course.   Sir T thinks I have too many pots.  He might be right but, oh look, here’s another one at the second hand store for 50 cents!

So now that it has officially snowed, I put out all my winter decorations.  I don’t do “Christmas” as much of the finery surrounding that holiday doesn’t seem to honor my King, but I do put out snowflakes, lights and sparkly.  This year was white and silver themed with a touch of red.

My hutch top with the little cardinal I made per my Dad’s suggestion that my pinecone branch needed a red bird

My art project for the week, designing and making this little guy whom I shall call Chippy

A couple lanterns on top of the plant rack

My snowflake collection

My version of a mantle, the top of our bookcase

This is my favorite hanukkiah.  It has blue crystals in it.

Now let’s wander down to the basement for an update on the guest room.  We found a bunk bed on Craig’s list that had a full bed on the bottom and a twin on top.  We wanted a couple to be comfortable as well as facilitate multiple future interns.  Much decluttering, rearranging and organizing went on to culminate in what you see.  We don’t have a dresser but hopefully the shelf and the large walk in closet will suffice until and if I find an upright one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Apparently I have expensive tastes, even for second hand.

Two beds and two desks will allow for two interns

Our “new to us” used bunkbed and storage cubes.   I got the 3 cubes on clearance for $2.50 each (90% off!)  and they have removable tops.  Yes, it is wonderful when the sale’s clerk that you smile and say hi to every week, gives you the tip that she just marked them down. 

I just realized that my games and cubes match.  Yes, I totally planned that.  Mattresses are on order from Amazon.

Thanks for wandering around my house with me through pictures.  We’ll see how the weather treats us this weekend.  May everyone be safe and drive carefully where ever you are.  Or walk, walk carefully too, ice is not nice!

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