Friday, March 17, 2017

Plant Lair Tour and Seed Starting Videos

March is back to normal but it sure doesn’t feel normal.  January and February were extremely mild weather wise and we had a lot of sunshine.  I recently posted a garden tour taken in shoes and a light jacket around my yard in February.  Crocuses were blooming and the annual worrying over the state of Tulip Time blooms and fruit tree buds was beginning.

Baby it’s BLUSTERY out!
Cue this past week.  Winter has “returned” and we are having a snow, thunder, sleet storm with temperatures back in the 30s, slightly below average.  I have another post brewing about my spinach that I sowed last fall which has already come up and since been covered, uncovered and covered yet again today with snow.  How will it do?  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy this video that Sir T took of me showing off my Plant Lair.   If you have a suggestion for a better name for my plant cave, area…etc, let me know!

Plant Lair Tour... March-2017

Next up is a video of the process of starting my babies from seed to grow light.  I am so excited about how well my space works and the fact that I am not crouching on the floor transplanting anymore.  Blessed and grateful!

Plant Starting 101... March-2017

The video quality is poor because there isn’t enough light in that area of the basement.  We may invest in a better video camera if the response to the garden videos is good.  Usually I do my dance videos outside so the light factor isn’t as critical.

We have just ordered LED lights that will replace all the tube fluorescents in our home and will put out a great deal more light.  They function without a ballast and are wired into the existing fixture.  We are waiting for them to be shipped as they are on back order.  When we replace them, I’ll do a blog on that too.

Have a wonderful day everyone and happy seed starting!

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