Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Greenhouse (aka tent)

Today we will be talking about our greenhouse that we got on clearance from Menards last fall.  Well it says greenhouse on the box, but it is more like a tent.  The dimensions are 6 x 8 x 6.5 tall.  We are actually quite happy with the structure as the tubing is heavy gauge and it is still standing after several very windy days.  The shell of the greenhouse is a heavy plastic with a zipper door and zipper windows for ventilation.  There are side flaps along the bottom we can open for extra ventilation as well.

Since our greenhouse is unheated we are growing crops that can handle cooler temperatures.  According to research a greenhouse will create a micro climate approximately one and a half zones farther south than your actual zone.  The addition of row covers inside the greenhouse adds an additional one and a half zones.  So theoretically inside our greenhouse it is zone 7b and with a row cover we will have have greater protection.  So far it has worked quite well, our very mild winter this year has helped I am sure.  We put an extra row cover on for added protection only once.  

Timothy built a U - shaped raised bed inside and Shannon transplanted some of the Swiss Chard and Kale from our raised beds into it so we could continue to harvest fresh green leaves for our morning smoothie throughout the winter.  We will probably do some experimenting with warm loving crops this spring like peppers and tomatoes and see if it will give them an extra boost.

Greenhouse Sun Side View

Open Zipper Door

Inside View of U-Bed

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