Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper Pots

In today's post we will be showing you how to make paper pots.  This is a handy, inexpensive way to make lots of pots for our seedlings as they get bigger and need more leg room.  You can use newsprint paper or something of similar thickness.  We are using packing paper to avoid any news print contamination issues from the ink dyes.  That is an issue of debate for some as to whether or not the inks are toxic.  The pot making tool is made from wood.  We are blessed in that Timothy's brother is a wood worker and made the tool for us! :)  We have several pictures below outlining the simple process. Let us know if you like the idea and plan to try it yourself.  Enjoy!
Pot Making Tool

Paper cut to 10" by 4"
just the size needed to work well with the tool.

Wrap the 10" around the tool.

Fold the underside in.

Press and twist the tool together
to form a nice tight base.

Completed Paper Pot!

Just like factory work. :)

In creating the only hard thing is to begin; a grass blade is no easier to make than an oak.
    - James Russell Lowell

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