Friday, May 25, 2012

Early Harvest

Last night it was very windy but the wind calmed down by morning.  We looked outside to look for damages and there was an odd spectacle in bed #4.  This bed hasn't been planted yet, but something big, perhaps dog size, ran through the bed.  Upon closer inspection, one fence panel was pushed in and the panel on the opposite side knocked off.  There were some tracks but we can't tell from looking at them what it was.  In our dogs' defense, the tracks looked too small to be theirs.

Somebody's Been In My Bed!
We have been blessed to be able to harvest some strawberries, spinach, several varieties of lettuce, lamb's quarter, and an early variety of radish (Only 20 days from seed to harvest!).  We are very happy with the taste and quality.  The new soil addition seems to be paying off so far.
Shannon Harvesting Spinach
Shannon with Bouquet of Radishes
Our recent yard improvements have been finishing the fence around the Gojis and putting a patio around the well pipe.  We still need to remove some sod and spread mulch around the Gojis yet.  The well pump is missing because it is being shipped back to Oasis for fix/replacement.  I talked to the owner and he said it shouldn't be leaking like it was for me when trying to pump uphill.  I have to say I am very pleased with Oasis' customer support and help.  I am still hoping to be able to pump directly into the barrel from the well. Once I get the pump back I will test this out.
Finished Pump Patio and Goji Fence

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