Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garden Time Advanced

Well after much time and effort I have finally released a new and improved version to my first gardening Android App which was Garden Time and have called it Garden Time Advanced.  See previous post for a discussion on the original app.

So what is so advanced about it you might ask?  Well the Advanced version improves upon the first in many ways.  First you will notice that there are now crop images to help with some of those less familiar crops and herbs.  After you make your selection from the main crop list and create your own personal crop list for what you want to grow, you can now add notes.  Use it like a log to help you with what worked and didn't work.  One of the more powerful features is the ability to totally customize your crop calculation numbers, thus giving you a more accurate to do list.  So for example you can specify the days to maturity which can be quite different for varieties of the same crop.  Another very nice addition is the crop information which gives helpful tips on many crop related things like growing, planting, harvesting, storage, soil preferences, PH levels, temperatures and the like.

If you have an Android device, please check it out.  There is a full version and a 30 day trial version available on the Android Market.  If you do try it we would love to hear any thoughts and feedback and ideas for improvements you might have.

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