Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden Status Update

Today I am planning to just share a few thoughts and pics from the garden to date.  It is still hot with at least 3 days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit so far this year.  Many more days were in the high 90's...  Don't remember a year like it as this is very unusual for our area.  It actually briefly rained today, but it wasn't enough to get the ground wet.

We have had a very productive year as far as what we have been harvesting.  We probably have harvested more this year so far than the 2 previous years combined.  Today we picked 13 green bell peppers and cut some up to put in the freezer.  Last year we maybe got one. The fence has helped tremendously and our dogs are sad as their free pepper snacks are now out of reach.  The pole beans are growing up the fence.  Yesterday while watering, we noticed entire leaves that were sticking out through the fence were cleanly eaten off.  We are pretty sure it was deer.

Some of the beds seem too crowded, now that the plants have grown.  This is good and bad as it makes for more fruit, but it is also harder to find it.

Enjoy some of the pics below.  Blessings.

Leaf Lettuce

Shelled Peas

Swiss Chard

Hanging Garlic for Drying Out


Today's Harvest!

Dear Damage on Purple Pole Beans

Crowded Zucchini Bed

Crowded Tomato Bed

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