Tuesday, July 31, 2012


After many hot dry days, we got rain.  Last week we got 7/10 of an inch of rain and last night, around 3am, we had a large thunderstorm with lots of wind and rain.  It was odd in that the wind came from the North and hit the front of our house. Normally the wind blows from the West.  This morning there was 2 inches of rain in our rain gauge!  We are grateful for the much needed rain.  This evening we picked some bounty from the garden as shown below.  We hope you also enjoy some random / artsy shots from the garden.

2" of Rain!!
Purple Pole Bean Blossoms
Tomato Blossoms
Tomatoes, Soon to Ripen
Dill Umbel
Melon Blossom with Ant
Spaghetti Winter Squash
Tigerella Tomato
Pickings from 7-31-2012 (Minus What Was Eaten While Picking)

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