Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tear and Repair

It has been windy lately. Our poor little greenhouse, which we discovered had a separation in the seam (when we got it) finally gave way. We attempted to patch this repeatedly by first taping, which didn't stick for very long, and then hand sewing, which worked for awhile until the sun weaken the thread.

Sun weakened seam, ripped by wind.

To fix the big rip, we dissembled the structure.  It wasn't too much work, mainly cutting some zip ties off.  As we worked on the tear we found the plastic was disintegrating from sun and wind damage.  Now we know why the manufacturer has a one year warranty as that is about how long it has lasted.  We are hoping to get another year out of this one, and extending its life by taking it down during the hot summer months.

Uncovered Greenhouse

To repair the tear we stapled the plastic to a wide piece of heavy ribbon to strengthen the seam.  We used staples because they would not be affected by the sun.  We then added a strip of heavy clear duct tape to seal the outside.  Since we were able to burnish the tape (rub it hard against the plastic) we hope it will stick better than before.


We recommend that assembly of a greenhouse should be done on a windless day.

Adding some final zip-ties
Fresh Swiss Chard for breakfast made possible by our greenhouse.
Project Supervisors Ubu and Rooper

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