Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bluebirds and Babies

I had a pair of bluebirds visit me!  While washing dishes at my kitchen sink, I tend to stare out the window into my back yard.  Imagine my surprise and delight when a pair of bluebirds landed on my deck rail.  I watched them with a huge smile on my face and then ran to get my camera.  The female is on the rail and the male is on our lantern.  Of course they flew off before I could switch to my zoom lens.  I have never seen bluebirds in my yard before.   Now I really want to get a bluebird nest box.   I would like to make one like this one in the following link.  It looks like it was made from a white birch branch.

Female Bluebird
Male Bluebird.... he was a little shy and wouldn't look at the camera.

The grow lights are getting fuller and we are still starting new seeds.  Here are some pics of the latest.

Cabbage and Onions
 Our light rack at the beginning of the month.  The cabbage and onions were moved out to the greenhouse later to harden off.  We plan to plant them tomorrow in the garden.
Light rack filled with herbs, tomatoes, peppers and flowers
Zinnias and Tomatoes
Lupine babies basking in the sunshine
 And now we head outdoors where the sun is shining and green is growing thanks to the almost 15 inches of rain and snow we have been blessed with this month.

Hardy Black Chicago fig cutting taken last summer
Garlic planted last fall sprouting in the garden

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