Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Little Visitor

On September 12 of 2013 we had a little visitor in our house.  We will frequently leave the slider door open during the summer days for our dogs who like to go in and out of the house.  A humming bird come in for a visit.  It wasn't too much fun for the poor bird as she frantically tried to escape bumping and bopping into the white ceiling.  The little hummer was getting tired and we couldn't coax her back out the slider.  Finally she tried to fly out our picture window and knocked herself silly.  She then rested on the ledge and was still.

That's when Shannon was able to grab the hummer with her hand.  It was very light and delicate feeling.  She took her outside and held her hand open next to our Rose of Sharon bush to let her escape to freedom.  Because of the tiring ordeal, she sat in her hand for about 30 seconds and Timothy was able to take some very good close up pictures of the humming bird just resting in Shannon's hands.  After the brief rest, she was happy to be able to zoom away to safety!

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