Saturday, October 26, 2013

Apple Tree Blessing

There is a small Jonathan apple tree that the previous owners planted in our front yard.  It usually produces apples each year, but they tend to be scarce and pretty buggy.  Last year, we had early warm weather then a hard frost which caused the tree to loose all it's blossoms.  There was only one apple that survived last year.

This year, because of the extra energy from not making apples last year, the tree was loaded with blossoms, which turned into lots of apples!  Also, because there were very few apples last year, the apple pest population was way down, which means a very good year for our apples because we don't spray.  We collected eight 5 gallon pales full!

This was surely our biggest blessing this year, and we didn't do anything but harvest.  Once harvested, we turned the apples into apple sauce so we could preserve them.  It sure takes a long time as we spent probably 16 hours over 2 days processing all the apples.  Thank you God for blessing us with the apples this year!

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