Saturday, April 4, 2015

Annual Frederik Meijer Gardens Trip

Yup, it's my birthday and I (Shannon) am going to Frederik Meijer Gardens.  No crying involved until I looked outside of the warm greenhouses... you'll find out why later.  In the meantime, enjoy the small sample of my large photo collection from the day.

Meerkat statues in the desert garden.  I think these statues and the animal are adorable.

Gorgeous texture on a tiny plant.

Monarch larva on a tropical milkweed in the English conservatory.

PINK!  Beautiful hydrangea in the English conservatory.

This butterfly is a swallowtail, but we can not find it in the identification booklet.

Tree Nymph from Asia.

I like the branch structure this tree has, but while I looked up, I neglected to look down and take a picture of the tree name.

Longwing Postman from Central and South America.

Doris Longwing

Scarlet Mormon from Asia, AKA the Watermelon butterfly.

Orchids, I like orchids.

March of the aliens orchid.

Buggy faced orchid.  Don't you like my labels?

I love the color combination in this orchid.

More orchids...  he he he...

The architecture of these leaves intrigues me.

I think I take a picture of this tree every year, and I admire it every year.

The natural purple and green color combo in these plants is striking.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...  it was warm today.

Picture of a pitcher plant in the carnivore house.

Sundew plants with mini drops of sticky sap in the carnivore house.

Venus fly traps.

The reason for the crying... it snowed on my birthday.  Actually it was quite cold, gloomy and windy along with the snow squall.

T took me out to eat in the cafe for lovely salads.  This glass sculpture is displayed on the cafe ceiling.

I am blessed to be another year older and able to spend the day with my best friend.

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  1. Sandy BrookhouseMay 1, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    Hi Shannon. I decided it was best to let my ground have a Sabbath rest this year, so am not gardening. It is feeling a bit odd to not be fully engaged, but it also feels right. I needed a garden 'fix' so decided to spend some time catching up on all that you have been doing. I don't usually spend much time reading blogs since I tend to stay ultra busy, but am glad I took the time to read all your back posts. Thanks for sharing!

    My messy garden is in desperate need of some landscaping, so I am planning to spend significant time working on that this summer. Also just got some honeybees settled on Wednesday and look forward to seeing how they do.

    Happy late birthday.