Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I have been inspired by sweet friends of mine who do a “picture a day” blog and had hoped to produce a similar one for our garden blog.  Enthused,  I faithfully took pictures everyday of last week in the garden until I got to Friday and Saturday.  I was not in the garden those two days and so no pictures.  Sigh... bombed before take off.  Anyway, I did take over a hundred pictures last week so I will share with you last Tuesday's collection of yellow.  While my color palette in the garden tends towards pinks, purples, blues and whites, my spring bulbs and flowers are definitely YELLOW.  Waking up from winter requires great amounts of bright cheerful yellow!  So I hope you enjoy your stroll through my yard's yellows.

Euphorbia (spurge) plant that I started from a cutting from my sister's plant.  I love how the yellow is so subtle and delicate.  These are tiny flowers.

Double Heritage daffodils that I dug up from my Mother-in-law's farm many years ago and planted in my sand dune.  The people who lived on the farm before them planted them all over a hillside.  She let me dig up a clump.  The clumps at the farm are over 25 years old.  I love how they glow in the sunlight.

Forsythia flowers are so pretty against the blue sky.  I have been told that forsythias are overused and are a sloppy bush unless pruned to within an inch of their life.  Perhaps, but I don't mind their sloppiness because that is where all the blooms are and they are glorious in early spring when you NEED color!

Tarda Species Tulip  I do not have many cultivated tulips because I dislike their short lives.  Rarely do you get more than 2 or 3 seasons from a bulb.  However, this small guy multiplies and I get more blooms every year! 

Unknown variety of daffodil highlighted against a background of Muscari or grape hyacinths in my circle bed.  

My brave crocuses on the end of their bloom cycle.  They are the first to bloom in my yard and newly planted this past fall in my front bed.  I have a flower called Naked Lady or Belladonna Lily planted with them.  I will have to see if the Ladies will bloom for me later this year or take a year off to settle in.

Tete-a-Tete miniature daffodils in the front bed under the Japanese Maple.  I think these little guys are so cute.  AND I believe that I do not have enough of them.  More holes to dig this fall will be put on the to do list.

Bi-colored Flat corona type daffodil in the front circle bed.

This is the picture I see in my brain when the word daffodil is spoken.  Standard big guy for which I do not remember the pedigree.  

Tulip humilis Persian Pearl is another species tulip that I bought from my friends at Westveiw Farms.

I am finishing off my little tour of the yard with my dandelions.  Yep, I eat the leaves and enjoy their bright fluffy sunshine faces.  They are not weeds to me.  However, I noticed the older gentlemen who live in the two houses behind me out spraying poison on their lawns today in an attempt (I'm assuming) to kill all the “weeds” in their nice green monoculture lawns.  Um, I hope that they didn't notice that all my dandelions are blooming and will go to seed soon....

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