Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

Sir T found spring!

I have been wandering around with my camera for the last few weeks and here are some of my favorite shots in no particular order.  This blog is purely a celebration of spring.

Forsythia always helps to kick off spring with the amazing cheerful yellow.

One of the “fancy” daffodil bulbs purchased last year and put in the big bulb bed.

Passover Lamb given to me by a friend that evening.  So sweet with tete a tete daffodil.

Our celebration of spring has to include our observance of Passover (sometimes called the last supper, recalling the night before Jesus died and the Children of Israel’s redemption from slavery and journey to freedom), Unleavened Bread (where we intentionally seek to remove sin from our lives as we clean the house and eat flat bread for a week), and First Fruits and Resurrection Day (He arose!  Hallelujah!). Currently we are in the midst of the counting of fifty days until Pentecost.

My omer counter, each smaller blue bead represents a day of the week while the Sabbaths are marked with the larger marbled bead.  I move my beaded marker up the line until we reach the top.  An omer is a cooking measurement from scripture that equals 9.3 cups.  My understanding is that you use an omer of flour to make the bread eaten at the celebration for Shavuot or Pentecost – literal meaning is to count 50.

My front bed of bulbs.  This was so much fun to watch come up and bloom!

Split corona daffodils from my mother-in-law’s farm

I love the beautiful blue of squill, a small bulb flower

One of my new tulip bulbs, I’m too lazy to go find the bag in the pile in the garage to tell you its name,
but I really like the two toned colors.

Grape hyacinth or muscari gets planted in every place I plant bulbs so I can find them in the fall.  Muscari puts up foliage in the fall marking the place of the bulbs so I don’t accidentally put a shovel through them trying to plant more.  These cuties will naturalize as this one did in my patio.

Spurge or euphorbia plant from a cutting that my sister gave me several years ago

White bleeding heart

My largest redbud tree in my yard received as a small stick on Arbor Day from the library.
I have 4 trees that are pretty good sized now.

I really enjoy the beautiful flowers of the redbud…. It should be called a pink bud though

Brunnera under my Japanese maple

Yes, I really like daffodils

Trillium!  I planted a root in a horrible spot and forgot about it.  Several years later I noticed a bit of white in the shrubs and investigated.  I am now up to 3 flowers in my cluster and I really need to mark the spot so I can move them to a better location.


Another daffodil… brightening up a gloomy grey day

Our first real harvest of greens for a salad.  Walking by and eating a leaf doesn’t count as harvesting.

A bumblebee busily pollenating our apple blossoms.  It is too cold for honey bees so the native bumblebees are essential for pollenating this spring.

My glorious bed of bulbs.  I really like the two toned tulips and the contrast with the blue and yellow.  This bed makes me happy and I go look at it every day.

Sigh….  My spring broke  5/8/17

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  1. Sad news about your frozen spring. Maybe some WD-40 could loosen that up?