Monday, May 29, 2017

Spring Video Tour

Earlier this year, I let you all see my gardens and yard.  As a perfectionist, it is hard for me to show you my imperfections.  My gardens are definitely not the perfect picture I want them to be.  However, I was brave and shared them anyway.

I am oh so slowly learning to enjoy and love what is now, rather than wait for the imagined perfect future.  How many times have I looked at pictures of a younger self and ponder why did I not like that version of myself.  I know for a fact that I thought myself too fat, too pudgy, too something not good enough in those pictures.  I want to go back and hug that child and look her in the eye and tell her that she is beautiful, to stop worrying about all that is wrong, and just enjoy what she does have.  When I catch myself in the now repeating the same kind of hate crimes against myself, I have to again grab my chin and say, “Stop.  Find your peace and joy now, in the here, regardless of the lack of perfection.”

So, here is another video of my yard we took last Wednesday (May 24).  It is most definitely not more perfect, in fact it might be messier in many ways.  However, I have some gorgeous flowers and plants growing right now that I am excited to share with you.  We have done a lot of work and although it doesn’t show as much as my body feels it should, we are getting there.

Yesterday Timothy and I spent some 9 + hours in the food garden beds specifically.  I was not feeling well at all, but we engaged the “forever” mode gear and just kept moving.  I didn’t move quickly but I did enjoy the day.  Sir T watered the beds by hand with water from the lower rain barrels and with a hose running water from the upper rain barrels because despite the predicted 50% chance of rain, we didn’t believe it.  Wrangling hoses, leaky water faucets, tomato cages and fence panels kept him busy.  It did sprinkle for about 30 seconds in the afternoon, so I guess the meteorologists were technically right.

My to do list is lengthy but the top goals were to trim all the weeds in the beds, empty the greenhouse so we can take it down, and finish planting all the beds.  In my very linear fashion, I started at Bed 1 and I made it all the way to Bed 8.  In typical perfectionist fashion I looked at what I didn’t get done.  However my amazing, wonderful husband told me that I did a great job and although I didn’t get one thing on the list completely gold star checked off done, I did accomplish a lot.  In fact I should have taken a picture of the pile of now empty pots.

I hope that you are enjoying your garden, no matter what state of progress it is in, and I sincerely desire that you see the beauty in your day and in the mirror.

Click here for the video tour.

May you be blessed with peace and joy and know that you have enough for today.

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