Monday, March 24, 2014

Dead plants, dead plants... what-cha gonna do?

This is what happens when you leave your tropical plants home while you go to Costa Rica....

Tender succulent was more tender than I realized

Timothy turned the heat down while we were gone to save on utilities... a wonderful plan except for the fact that many of my house plants come from where we were going and did not appreciate the 50 degree temperature which was probably colder at night next to the sliding window.

Not so peaceful lily

When we got home after a difficult trip, we found many dead and dying plants.  Not for lack of water, but for lack of warmth.  The final death toll was dozens of plants including all my coleus that I had started from cuttings in the fall.  So, lesson learned, do not turn down the heat too much when you leave on a trip or plan to have someone else babysit them.

Very unhappy paleopolis orchid

This is the one plant that I will truly morn if it does not bounce back.  At this point, a week after this picture was taken, the two left leaves are completely orange and the center leaf is curling up on itself.  I have had this orchid for seven years if memory serves right and it has bloomed for me almost every year.  I might cry....

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  1. Aw shucks!!
    We have a plant from our late grandmother- it would be so sad to see it wither away.
    Hopefully it springs back to life!