Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning the indoor plants

Since my outdoor First day of spring was uh... uninspiring, I decided to clean up and re-pot my indoor plants.  Partly to take care of the damaged plants, partly because many of them needed to be re-potted and finally because I needed to make room for the seed starting trays on the rack as I was tired of them being on the counter.

Always have the right size and color pot.

This plant was given to me by one of my sisters and has since grown many pups.  I don't know what it is so I have called it the Thorny Beast plant as it will make you notice it if you aren't respectful of its space.  It was so pot bound that I really had to work to get it out.  A couple of the pups now grace a young friend's lizard aquarium.  I have to imagine that their new home is a much more interesting environment than my plant rack.

Thorny Beast plant

My attempts to clean up always result in a bigger mess before it gets better.

My mess....

I removed the dead plants from my mini succulent garden and replaced them.  An aloe and a thorny beast have a new home.  The tub of plants on the left I passed on to friends.

One of my succulent mini gardens

Neat rows of cuttings

The babies are coming up!

Succulent jungle

The finished product... everything is tidy and fits!

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  1. Oh so nice! You are giving me a goal to reach for...
    We shall see.