Sunday, June 2, 2013

HCG Herb Garden

The other big project that I have been working on this spring is an over haul of the herb garden that was already in place at the Holland Community Garden.  It was planted several years ago and not much upkeep was done on it since.  Many of the plants were over grown and now unidentifiable.  Which kind of thyme is it or what is that were common questions I had as I sorted out the plants.  We also wanted to have room for annual herbs and replace many herbs that were bullied out by the aggressive ones that were left.

Previous Herb Garden

I completely removed everything with the help of several other volunteers and designed a garden that is more organized, accessible and is now an attractive feature of the garden.  We are still putting more plants in and as I raise and collect more herbs, the variety will increase as well. 

New Herb Garden Layout

NW Corner of Herb Garden

Center EW Path

The garden received 6 pieces of art from a local school that we could place at the garden.  My Herb garden design included 4 of these pieces.  The other 2 were placed in the perennial bed and the native plants beds, both of which I am renovating this summer.

Purple Chives and Yellow Sculpture

The final touches to this garden will be edging that we are hopefully getting donated, wood mulch to finish the paths and leaf mulch that will go on the beds.  Most of the plants are doing well despite not having access to water for several weeks because the garden’s well pump was out of commission for awhile, which is a whole other story.  I will post pictures as the garden grows.

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