Saturday, June 1, 2013

Irrigation Update

Last summer we had a drought and we were watering by hand with watering cans for up to 6 hours at a time a couple of times a week.  While the plants loved the well water and I did have some nice biceps, it just took too much time away from other important tasks, like weeding so Timothy planned and purchased all the items needed to do irrigation.  Our blog post "The Water Plan" has the map. 

Unwinding the new irrigation tubes.
The sun was helpful to warm the plastic to "iron out" the coils
Mainline setup under the mulch.
Each bed is connected to the main line with a shutoff valve.
Constructing the bed emitter lines to the 1/2 tube header.
Completed irrigation setup in bed 3.
Added 2nd barrel to rain collection system.
We can now collect 110 gallons of rainwater with a potential to add more barrels if Shannon moves some of her hostas...  Currently we use this for filling watering cans to water various pots around the yard.  It could potentially be used in the drip-works system we have set up.

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