Saturday, June 15, 2013

Missing May

We completely missed blogging in May because we were busy in the garden.  Here is a quick overview of what we did...

Seeds lined up for the garden. Soaking seeds helps speed up germination.
Hardening off the flats.

After hardening of, the garden is now planted!  All the seeds are in, the tomatoes and peppers transplanted and the one last thing is the sweet potato slips that are coming next week.  The soil has to be warm enough for them or they will be extremely unhappy.

Our fencing did not keep out this subterranean invader!

We have had a terrible time with moles tunneling through and around our beds hunting our earthworms. In defense of our helpful earthworms, and our poor plants that get their roots removed in the tunneling process, we have declared war on moles.  Timothy was in the garden he noticed earthworms scattering on the surface of some moving wood chips.  After a moments contemplation he placed with great, deliberate force the heel of his boot on the moving chips.  The movement ceased.  Earthworms far and wide (at least those in a foot span) cheered.  However, the war is not over as there is new tunnels daily.

New and improved garden signs.

Our old signs were made with permanent paint-pen markers on white tiles.  While they looked fine, the weather slowly wore off the marker.  So Shannon painted the tiles with glass paint that you bake in the oven.  This should be a better lasting sign.

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