Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Campau-sters

Shannon started the Parsley and Goji berry seeds in the seed starting tray today but it is not much to look at, at this point.  Once they start coming to life we will get some pictures up.  We are using "Seeding & Potting Mix" from Planters' Pride which we purchased from the local Menards store.  We go there a lot for supplies.  It is important to have clean soil for starting seeds or you'll get all sorts of things sprouting up as we found out last year when we used soil from our compost bin that wasn't fully composted.  All sorts of interesting things came up along with the lettuce we planted, including peppers and marigolds!

I have lots of ideas for topics to discuss so I will just mention some of the things rolling around in my mind so it will help me to remember and give you all something to look forward to in future posts...  Crop timing, watering, raised beds, the "greenhouse", composting, mulching, lessons learned, the dreaded squash vine borer, goals etc... just to name a few.

For the remainder of this post though I wanted to explain the title.  Our last name, Campau, is French and is pronounced "compo" as in "composition" or "compost pile".  We have a compost bin outside that gets used a lot.  It is good stewardship of all the kitchen waste scraps (after our dogs have their share), and after it "composts" it is great to add back into the garden to add nutrients and beneficial earth worms and  micro organisms.  Look for a more in-depth post in the future on composting along with a pics.  The point is, when you see: "Posted by The Campau-sters" at the end of each post.  read:  "Posted by The Composters".


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