Monday, February 13, 2012

In the beginning there was a sand dune...

Our friendly grandmotherly neighbor who lived behind us like to tell the story of how her children who are older than we are use to play on the sand dune. They and all of the neighborhood children were very disappointed when what is now our house was built on their play lot. We discovered, under the top soil / fill dirt which ranged from non existent to six inches in depth, beautiful beach sand. To say our drainage is sharp is an understatement. Several years ago we received 14 inches of rain in less than two days and the only puddle was in the middle of the asphalt cul-de-sac.

Original Backyard
So what does one do with beach sand? Well we built a volleyball court and did not have to bring in any sand.  That lasted a few years but now even that is being taken over with gardening priorities. Our new "greenhouse" now resides in the former, seldom used volleyball court.

Greenhouse in former VB court
Our lot is not huge nor extremely fertile, but we are determined to grow something. At least the dune grass is happy.

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