Friday, February 17, 2012


Part of what we are learning with the gardening is stewardship. Actually stewardship encompasses everything that we do and gardening is just a part of stewardship.  We understand from scripture that God Owns Everything.  He created everything and has given us many things for us to be good stewards of.  If we think of our possessions as His and that we are simply stewards of what He has blessed us with, it should cause us to take better care of what we “have” and to give thanks daily for our blessings.

There are many opportunities to practice stewardship when it comes to gardening.  It is a learning process and we are not perfect for sure but some of the areas we are exploring are: pest control (not just indiscriminately killing everything that moves but sorting out the good guys from the baddies), disease control (identifying the disease and learning the correct treatment that is best for us and the environment), reusing materials (using what we have or getting second hand items), composting (keeping organic waste out of the land fill while creating wonderful fertilizer), using space efficiently (considering sun, wind, soil, location and esthetics when placing garden beds), and finally growing from seed (ability to choose organic and heirloom varieties and encouraged to save seed).  Of course this is not an exhaustive list but it’s a place we have started.

We have done a Life Stewardship From a Biblical Perspective Presentation that you can view online.  The video presentation link is:

The supporting document web address is:

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