Saturday, February 18, 2012

Signs of Life

We are happy to share that the Parsley and Goji berry seeds are starting to come up!  It is a beautiful sun shiny day today, this makes the seeds happy and stretch forth toward the sun.  It has definitely been an odd winter this year.  Yesterday it was 40F outside yet there was snow gently falling from above.  Of course nothing stayed as it was well above freezing temperatures but it was interesting to see.

Below are some pics taken from the new seedlings in our seed starting tray.  You can see from the pictures a clear cover that fits over the tray and helps keep moisture in and provide a slightly warmer micro climate for the seeds to help them sprout.  Different seeds sprout better at different temps and take different lengths of time.  Most seeds do well at around 75F but spinach for example does best at around 50F.

Seed Start Tray On Plant Rack By Slider Glass

Cover Removed

Closeup of Seedlings Emerging

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